Smartwater Fitness+

Smartwater Fitness+ with Nigel Sylvester Get motivated by these three :15 spots we crafted for Smartwater and Fitness+ starring the talented Nigel Sylvester. Client : Smartwater Fitness+ Category : Commercial

Princess Cruises

PRINCESS CRUISES 360° Rollglider Experience Maker studios approached us to create a virtual 360° sneak peek experience for an exciting new zip line feature on their Sun Princess cruise ship. Client : Princess Cruises Category : 360° Experience

Thunder Valley

THUNDER VALLEY :30 Feel the Thunder Witness the spectacle of Thunder Valley casino and resort. Music track by Imagine Dragons. Client : Thunder Valley Resort Category : Animation + Finishing

Sprite – Let’s Be Clear

SPRITE Let’s Be Clear Our friends at Sprite reached out to us to create promotional ads for Sprite’s new clear bottle design. Turns out that clear plastic is better for the environment than green plastic. Client : Sprite Category : Animation

Smartwater Vibes SMARTWATER VIBES with Pete Davidson Enjoy this collection of heartfelt moments with Pete Davidson for Smartwater. Client : Smartwater Category : Production

El Bandido Yankee

EL BANDIDO YANKEE Stolen Night Cocktail Recipe We handcrafted a series of cocktail recipe videos for the brand launch of Chicago’s own El Bandido Yankee Tequila. Please enjoy yourself a “Stolen Night” cocktail. Client : El Bandido Yankee Category : Branding

Frosted Flakes + Xbox

FROSTED FLAKES + XBOX VFX Breakdown Check out our visual effects breakdown of how we created the CG elements in this Frosted Flakes and Xbox commercial. Client : Kellogg’s Category : VFX

CG Products Montage

CG PRODUCTS MONTAGE Collect them all. Check out this montage of digitally generated products we created over the years. Enjoy! Client : Various Category : Animation

Rocket League

ROCKET LEAGUE Championship Series X Drive along with this montage showcasing our e-sports branding package for Rocket League’s tenth championship series. Client : Epic Games Category : Branding

Fashion Resource Center

FASHION RESOURCE CENTER SAIC Stop and turn to see this promotional video we created for the Fashion Resource Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This project showcases some rare and protected garments from their vast collection of fashion. Client : SAIC Category : Production + Finishing