julie last name trailer

JULIE LAST NAME The night the universe shifted Two old friends meet for dinner and encounter a server who won’t disclose her last name while discussing life, love, The Berenstain Bears, and how the universe may have shifted the night the Cubs won the World Series. Director: Alex Beh Category : Short Film

storage trailer

STORAGE SHORT FILM TRAILER Multiple award winner “Storage” is a short psychological thriller about a woman and a high school cheerleader trapped in a storage facility. Written and directed by Colin Costello. Director : Colin Costello Category : Short Film

haiti trailer

HOW (NOT) TO BUILD A SCHOOL IN HAITI Documentary Trailer Development, history, and colonialism collide when a seemingly simple aid project spirals out of control in Haiti forcing a reckoning on privilege and power. Learn more at haitischooldoc.com Director : Jack C. Newell Category : Documentary Feature

first date film

FIRST DATE Swipe Right Protokulture produced this short film about two people who meet on a dating app and can’t figure out how to get along… or get dinner. Director : Alex Beh Category : Short Film

three women trailer

THREE WOMEN SHORT TRAILER The gold trailer At any given moment in any man’s life there are always three women involved. Director Alex Beh Category : Short Film Trailer

42 grams trailer

42 GRAMS TRAILER The weight of two souls 42 Grams is an intimate portrait of how chef Jake Bickelhaupt evolved from running an illegal restaurant out of his home to being a culinary celebrity in less than a year and the toll it takes on his personal life. Watch the full film HERE. Director : Jack […]

three women short

THREE WOMEN – SHORT FILM Narrative comedy antics At any given moment in any man’s life there are always three women involved. Starring: Alex Beh, Anna Camp, PJ Byrne, Sara Paxton, Dana Delorenzo, Adam Shapiro, Tomas Pais, Roxanna Dunlop and Abigail Spencer. Director : Alex Beh Category : Short Film

kachi kachi

KACHI KACHI A short by Jory Lee Cordy After Lucy returns home from rehab, she finds Charlie doing his best to save the relationship, but she’s already made plans to burn it down. Director: Jory Lee Cordy Category : Short Film

its all good

IT’S ALL GOOD “We all lied” Three broke filmmakers suffer the consequences of their fraudulent crowdfunding campaign. Check out  the full feature film HERE. Director : FND Films Category : Feature Film